'How To' Videos

Here are a selection of Florida Fastener's Direct videos giving details about our unique fastener protection system which can be utilized for your screen enclosures, Florida rooms, railings and awnings.


If you look at the screws in your screen enclosure, you'll more than likely find they are either rusted or well on their way to rusting. At Florida Fasteners Direct we have patented a simple solution to address this problem. We call it the PRO-TECT System. This video explains how it works.


This is our brief 30 second TV commercial that highlights the benefits of the Pro-Tect and Nylo-Tec products. They can be used on your pool cage or lanai.


This is our extended explanation of the Pro-Tect system, and how it offers a great solution to those unsightly rusted screws in your screen enclosure.


This video was made to show you what to do if the your rusty screws break when trying to remove them, ensuring your installation is clean and protected from even the harshest of elements.


Latest testing with our new True Stainless range of concrete screws. Comparisons done against readily available industry standard fasteners of grade 304 and grade 410. The results speak for themselves. Florida Fasteners Direct.... Leading the way