Blue-TapBLUE-TAP Case Hardened Masonry Anchors are manufactured with a unique thread design to give exceptional holding power in most masonry materials. Fast and easy to install. Just drill a hole and drive a BLUE-TAP. As the BLUE-TAP is installed, it cuts threads into the material for superior holding. BLUE-TAPs are coated for corrosion resistance. They have passed comprehensive testing for extreme weather conditions.

The unique twin lead thread design gives exceptional holding power in all kinds of masonry materials. This truly versatile anchor features self-tapping for safe anchoring even close to the edge of materials. It provides strength and stability even at varying depths, making it the best solution for a variety of conditions. Use BLUE-TAP con crete fasteners with PRO-TECT to attach railings, awnings and other aluminum products to masonry structures.  The PRO-TECT system isolates the strong steel fastener from contact with aluminum, minimizing or eliminating electrolysis or aluminum breakdown.