Nylo-Tec SDS

NYLO-TEC Self Drilling ScrewsNYLO-TEC SDS Self Drilling Screws with Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head NYLO-TEC SDS self-drilling screws provide strength and stability under the harshest conditions. They are made of case hardened carbon steel with a super strong glass-reinforced nylon head.

NYLO-TEC self-drilling screws have a drill-shaped point to cut through the substrate to eliminate the need for drilling a pilot hole for faster easier installation in all but the hardest materials. Use NYLO-TEC for securely attaching soft steel or other metals. NYLO-TEC fasteners are the right choice for thin gauge steel sheets, such as metal roofing, and fastening into metal. NYLO-TEC fasteners are fast and easy to install, but hold securely.