Pro-Tect Fastener Protection SystemThe PRO-TECT* Fastener Protection System design allows for a sleeve to repel down to the firm cement giving rigidity to the aluminum around the fastener reducing the risk of over torque and creating a gully in the aluminum where water will collect.

This shaft encases the fastener and protects from salt air and water intrusion. With the added protection of the color matched glass reinforced nylon cap, water and salt is now repelled away from the fastener head.

The one piece shaft and cap anchor also solves the problem of electrolysis or aluminum deterioration due to different metals touching because they never touch. Now a more cost effective, stronger carbide steel BLUE-TAP can be used instead of soft stainless steel, adding strength and stability to a now worry free installation maintenance. The Pro-Tect system is to be used with Hex Head Blue-Tap concrete fasteners only.