Stainless Pro-Tect Pool Enclosure Kit - White

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Stainless Pro-Tect Pool Fastener Kit - White

Stainless PRO-TECT Pool Enclosure Kit - White

Upgrade to our Stainless Protect kit for the ultimate protection from the elements! 

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This kit includes all items necessary for your installation - 100 Pro-Tect Sleeves, 100 Pro-Tect Caps, 100 1/4" x 3-1/4" Blue-Tap True Stainless concrete anchors, and a Pro-Tect auger. For a limited time - you also get a free 5/16" drive bit!

This stainless pool enclosure kit is available in a choice of finishes; white or bronze.

The PRO-TECT* Fastener Protection System design allows for a sleeve to repel down to the firm concrete giving rigidity to the aluminum around the fastener reducing the risk of over torque and creating a gully in the aluminum where water will collect. This shaft encases the fastener and protects from salt air and water intrusion.

With the added protection of the color matched glass reinforced nylon cap, water and salt is now repelled away from the fastener head. This Pro-Tect cap and sleeve system also solves the problem of electrolysis or aluminum deterioration due to dissimilar metals touching, as they are not in contact. Now a more cost effective, stronger, TRUE STAINLESS stainless steel BLUE-TAP can be used instead of other soft stainless steel equivalents, adding strength and stability to a now worry-free installation process. Please see True Stainless torque-testing video located on our "How to Video" Tab.

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